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Where Can Brits Legally Get Married Abroad


Where Can Brits Legally Get Married Abroad

You usually need an officiant (usually called an officiant in the United States), but to make it easier for you, I am an ordained minister and can legally sign marriage licenses! Some county clerks in the U.S. also allow you to add another place where you can get married so I can legally marry you while you`re abroad. First of all, there are a few documents you need wherever you legally choose to marry abroad, the most obvious being a passport. Make sure that the time you have in your passport is sufficient for your planned travel and wedding formalities. However, if you`re looking to get married abroad to enter into a legally binding marriage in the UK, we`ve put together our top destinations and the information you`ll need, from required documents to procedural formalities. The most popular country for British couples getting married abroad is Italy. The legal requirements are relatively simple and there are no minimum residency requirements. In France and Spain, you must have lived there for some time. Often, these documents must be originals and verify whether certified true copies are acceptable. Many documents need to be notarized before they can be used abroad, and some may require an apostille stamp or additional legalization. It depends on the country where you are getting married abroad – countries have different rules on what makes a document “authentic”.

If you`re looking for the easiest places to legally get married abroad, here are some of the most popular countries: The requirements and restrictions for UK citizens getting married abroad vary widely, so before you set your sights on a particular place, it`s worth noting the formalities of getting married abroad. Simply put, you must be Spanish or of a certain faith such as Catholic to get married legally in Spain. With its modern beach platforms, exclusive wedding villas, and Spanish country houses, there`s a great draw to get married here. With a wedding blessing, you can get married in the country of your choice, even if you cannot meet the legal and residency requirements. Are you planning to get married abroad? Having your wedding in a beautiful and meaningful location appeals to many couples, but is it easy from a legal standpoint? Here you can find out how, where and what is needed to legally marry abroad. Gibraltar is located on the southern coast of Spain, but is a British territory. It is known for the Rock of Gibraltar, an imposing limestone ridge overlooking the ocean! You can legally get married if you flee here, and many couples marry for life in Gibraltar and then go to Spain for adventures or even another symbolic ceremony. You can`t get married in Spain unless one of you is a resident, so the proximity to Gibraltar is a great place to get married! Before they start, many couples wonder how to get married abroad and how to make sure they are officially married after their escape. The rules and regulations depend on the country – everyone has their own marriage laws, so you`ll need to do some research after choosing a runaway location! There is a separate guide if you want to get married or enter into a civil partnership in the UK. MSC Notaries provides translations, notarial services and document legalization for a variety of countries. We can help you gather the documents you need to get married abroad, translate if necessary and ensure they are properly certified for the country you choose. Sri Lanka is rapidly developing as a destination for getting married.

It is easy to combine the island with a stay in the Maldives (you cannot get married in the Maldives because it is a Muslim country). This is only a 90-minute flight between Sri Lanka and the Maldives. See a selection of honeymoon ideas in Sri Lanka. The residency requirement is four days. Discover this great honeymoon with two centers. Decide if you want to get married in a hotel or in an outdoor venue. Hotels are obviously interested in keeping you on the property and tend to offer the best deals, but go to a tourist office and they will know many external places such as historical sites and gardens. Find my recommended wedding venues abroad and read my beach wedding tips. Sweden`s forests, mountains, lakes and islands are an epic destination, whether you want to enjoy snow-free trails in the summer or enjoy a winter getaway in the winter! Getting married here isn`t too difficult, so it`s a great choice for couples coming from the United States. Learn more about legal marriage in Sweden in this guide! 4.